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Sport Science

Knowledge is power. CXC Center of Excellence now offers cross-country ski and other endurance sport specific testing and evaluation.

Athletes of all ages and abilities are offered the opportunity to ski indoors on the roller ski treadmill to analyze technique with the side and front facing cameras. The stationary bikes and running treadmills are available for testing VO2 Max and blood lactate levels which also help with establishing appropriate training zones specific to the individual.

Testing mid-spring, mid-summer and mid-fall will give you the most accurate feedback on training and performance. Visit the CXC Center of Excellence for individual or group testing.

Individual One Hour Testing / $150
- pick 1 of 3 testing options for the one hour test

Adult Group Testing (Full Day Event) / $500
- recommended for a group of 5; each individual picks 1 of 3 testing options for the one hour test

Junior Group Testing (Full Day Event) / $250
- recommended for teams; each individual picks 1 of 3 testing options for the one hour test

Fine-Tune Ski Technique

The CXC Center of Excellence is equipped with a full size
10’ x 12’ roller ski treadmill with side and front facing cameras to allow for the most precise technique analysis of the athlete. The treadmill is equipped with a suspended harness worn for safety.

During a roller ski treadmill technique session, a professional CXC coach will be there to administer the session while providing feedback and evaluation on performance.

VO2 Max Test Protocol

Each test at the CXC Training Center takes about an hour.

Test results can be used to:

- evaluate strengths and weaknesses of a skier
- evaluate training effects
- prescribe training zones for endurance training

Testing Sessions Timeline

10-15 min Warm-Up
10 min Set-Up & Rest
15-20 min Test
10 min Rest
10-15 min Evaluation

Virtual Tour

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Sign up for a session at the CXC Performance Lab to precisely measure how your body functions.

“ Can I test my blood lactate levels on a bike? ”

Yes! We have stationary bikes and treadmills available for you as well.

- CXC Academy

" The skill work on rollerski treadmill has payed off dramatically.

I'm finding that my upper body has been getting far less fatigued during hill work and on long skis. "


“ I received a video clip with commentary about my V 1 technique. Fabulous tool! ”



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