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Birkie Training Plan

Ski Marathon Training

Available through TrainingPeaks, the American Birkebeiner training plan builds from early November, and concludes on the Birkie, February 25th, 2017. The plan is designed for multi-sport master and citizen skiers interested in participating in the American Birkebeiner and other marathon events. Broken into four week periods starting each week on a Monday and concluding on Sunday, the complete plan consists of 4 training periods with 28 days in each period. Plan to commit to at least 4 training sessions a week to ensure you will reach your program goals. If a change in training plan volume is required due to some schedule, work or other conflicts, you're free to make training plan adjustments.

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Season Overview Chart

The plan comes with the season overview chart which provides a recap of your seventeen-week training schedule. In it, you will see your training volume is broken down into the amount of time spent at each intensity level and general or specific strength. Total training load varies each week between high and low to ensure you do not reach a plateau and are able to taper for your biggest event.

Training Volume Hours

Refining Your Technique

Demonstration videos accompany each workout to help coach you through the prescribed session. This visual component enables you to feel confident that you are executing each session efficiently. For further individual questions, you will find a link to FAQs.


If followed correctly this TrainingPeaks plan will strategically condition your body for optimal skiing performance. Each workout is designed to stress and/or recover the body at specific times throughout the season so that you will feel your best when it matters most. With additional information on how to execute a taper properly, you gain all the resources needed to race fast for your most important races.

Coach's Notes

Complementing each workout are coach’s notes that provide tips, encouragement, advice and other additional suggestions to consider implementing to create a training plan that works best for you!