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Sport Specific Performance Evaluation and Testing

There are many different reasons for exercise testing. The data obtained can be used as a diagnostic tool, for informational and comparative insight, or to create new exercise programs and monitor progress.

VO2 Max Testing

A VO2 max is a numerical measurement of your body’s ability to consume oxygen. The main goal of the VO2 max test is to assess maximum oxygen consumption and calculate heart rate training zones for endurance training. This test can be accomplished by running, biking, roller skiing, swimming or rowing.

Testing Session Timeline

10-15 min / warm-up
10 min / set-up and rest
15-20 min / VO2 Max test
10 min / rest
10-15 min / test results and evaluation

Note: no hard workouts day prior or day of the test, good sleep and hydration. No carbs 3 hours prior to the test.

Individual Testing
- One Hour Session / $150

Junior Group Testing (recommended for teams)
- One Hour Session / $250

Adult Group Testing (4 - 5 people)
- One Hour Session / $500

Ski Technique Analysis

The CXC Center of Excellence is equipped with a full size
10’ x 12’ rollerski treadmill. Athletes of all ages and abilities are offered the opportunity to ski indoors to analyze ski technique.

During a rollerski treadmill ski technique session, a professional CXC coach will be there to administer the activity while providing feedback and technique evaluation.

To gain adequate insight into your own progress we recommend scheduling a ski technique session mid-spring, mid-summer and/or mid-fall.

With no prior or little roller ski experience, the treadmill can be a big challenge. As an alternative, we can offer a one-on-one or group ski technique session outdoors and provide roller skis. Bring your helmet, poles, gloves, optional protective gear (knee and elbow pads), and a water bottle.

Individual Session
- One Hour Technique Session (Classic or Skate) / $150

Junior Group Session (recommended for teams)
- One Hour Technique Session (Classic or Skate) / $250

Adult Group Session (4 - 5 people)
- One Hour Technique Session (Classic or Skate) / $500

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“I want to say thank you and how much we enjoyed our time with Yuriy on Saturday. All three of us took away some great technique tips that we can all think about and work on now and when the snow starts to fly! It was a great way to kick off the xc ski season for all of us! It was even more impressive that we had two different techniques and three different skill levels and Yuriy provided great feedback with all three of us!”


" The skill work on rollerski treadmill has payed off dramatically.

I'm finding that my upper body has been getting far less fatigued during hill work and on long skis. "



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