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Skiers or ski coaches, new to advanced. CXC Academy can help you improve skiing fitness, develop better ski technique, and get ready for the next ski event.

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Featuring monthly ski-specific strength workout videos, on-snow and roller ski technique videos, with new offerings published each month.

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The CXC Coaching Staff is certified, experienced, and ready to guide skiers of all ages and skill levels.
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CXC Academy is a project of Central Cross Country Skiing (CXC)
718 Post Road
Madison, WI 53713

“This program is great! Not just for skiing, but for life. My results have brought me to unexpected levels.”

DAVID KERR - Whitehorse, Canada

Guest Coach & Advisor Caitlin Gregg

Our Coaches

The CXC Coaching Staff is certified, experienced, and ready to guide skiers of all ages and skill levels.
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“I wanted to reach out again to thank Steve Myrland for leading the strength training plan this year. The exercise plans have been excellent, and have greatly improved my balance and my ability to transfer core strength into power while skiing.”


“Looking forward to see what I'll get from this training as I've been doing things on my own for a while now and feel like I'm stuck in my patterns.”


Guest Coach & Advisor Ben Popp

“For me the CXC program has been really good. It has given an easy way to have a structured fitness and strength plan. The videos are very good and I’ve learnt a lot about all sorts of topics.”


“I found my core strength has improved, my balance is better, and I am running and skiing more fluidly.”


Guest Coach & Advisor Nichole Bathe

“I appreciate the results that I have gotten, - I am skiing faster than ever. At the end of next triathlon season I will start again with your program.”


“I love the training platform. This is my second year and I feel like I'm learning how to ski for the first time after 25 years in the sport.”


Guest Coach & Advisor Matt Liebsch

“The knowledge on technique and training ideas was outstanding! See you next winter!”


“First, thank you for the wonderful XC training programs that you've put together...they have been really fun to follow this summer and have kept me focused.”


Guest Coach & Advisor Ian Torchia

“I’ve followed many different kinds of plans before, and written some myself. Very much appreciate the way that the plan focuses on (to me) big blocks of times, and what is more or less important. Including rest! Thanks also for the help with questions I had while subscribing to XC Academy. The plans made for a very good training year, and I increased training hours to 400, which I would not have done otherwise.”


“I really value what you folks offer ... both as a masters skier and high school coach ... keep up the good work.”


“Your guidance has helped me steadily move my Birkie wave start position upward!”


“I am liking having your workouts to keep me interested and challenged. Thank you for the good plans and the extra ideas.”


“I thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from having access to all the video and training material. There was so much it was hard to keep up with it all. There is no question CXC understands XC skiing in its entirety, and the quality and communication of the information you provided was exceptional. Thank you so much for what you have done for me and everyone else with an interest in this sport.”


“I have appreciated all the great info and the training plans have been invaluable! It’s definitely helped keep my training on track. I feel that both my technique on skies, and my knowledge of training have both improved greatly over the last season. Thanks for all the help!""


“I’ve enjoyed the membership and got into awesome shape and my skiing improved by 30 seconds per kilometer.”


“The Steve Myrland weight room exercises are fun and fascinating. They are sneaky hard and use muscles in ways I never would have thought of.”


“The program taught me how to train correctly over the past year! Thanks for improving my skiing and getting me into much better shape.”

SAM KNAPP - Toivola, MI

"My wife and kids age 9-24 all nordic ski and your site is very helpful and motivating. The great videos and training information helped me have a fun and successful racing season."

WADE SMITH - Highlands Ranch, CO

“Thanks again for laying another great foundation as I train for all the racing in January and February. It’s been an awesome winter and your training plans have me feeling good for the Birkie.”

RYAN SPORTEL - Inver Grove Heights, MN

“I've been following your CXC training plan for the last 10 months and am really enjoying it. I'm definitely skiing faster.”

KRISTIN MADSEN - Winnipeg, Canada

“I like your "Performance Plan" and feel I am training smarter this year. Thanks very much your program! As a 70 year old citizen racer I have found the plans valuable and convenient to use.”


"We're a small team in a tough section, yet our results have steadily improved. Besides the results I feel that the training plan is very easy to follow and it stresses skiers the right amount and gives them the rest that they need."


“I'm really enjoying the training and for sure this is going to take me to the next level.”

CARY MARTIN - Salt Lake City, UT

“Thanks to CXC and Training Peaks, I set 2 personal bests after 20 years of citizen race skiing.”


"Just wanted to give you guys a big shout out after a great ski season. I started XC skiing 4 years ago and I have loved every minute of it. After participating in a couple roller ski clinics with CXC, I decided to join CXC online and started the Peak Performance Program in November. I have no doubt that the training program you provided allowed me to reach and exceed my skiing goals - in particular to make the 1st Wave at the Birkie."

TODD BROWN - Groton , CT

"While some find weekly workout structure to be the reason to join CXC Academy, I find the videos of dryland strength and mobility to be outstanding.

I'll see you in the park doing funny walks. Thanks."

CHRIS MAGERL - Salt Lake City, UT

"I manage a women's Nordic program that ranges from beginner to elite Birkie skiers and from the late 20's in age to almost 80 years old. I use the Academy information to get various training ideas, volume, intensities, strength information, etc. during dryland training in the fall as well as in the winter."

MUFFY RITZ, Two-Time American Birkebeiner Winner

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We offer monthly and annual subscriptions. Sign up for full access to CXC Academy ’s training plans and video resources.

Technique via Video

Looking for ways to improve your ski technique? Consider a video coach for personalized ski technique analysis.

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Get the latest in sport science testing at our Performance Lab.

CXC Center Of Excellence
718 Post Rd
Madison (WI)

Improve Technique

We work with people just beginning to ski, seasoned skiers looking to improve, and all levels in between.
CXC Center Of Excellence
718 Post Rd
Madison (WI)

Expert Coaching

Now offering training services to the average skier, weekend warrior racer or someone who is chasing their dream to move up a wave in the Birkie.

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We’re happy to brainstorm with you, and ask the professionals we work with to find something that works for you. Send us your questions.

End-of Season Suggestions

This month no specific workouts will be posted as we’ve hit the “Restoration” phase of the training year.
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Training in April

CXC Academy Training Period #12 Release

We may still having some targeted events. By all means, keep racing during this time.
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Training in March

CXC Academy Training Period #11 Release

For the most part this period is not about last minute training to catch up for lost time.
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CXC Academy and TrainingPeaks™

Enabling smart and effective endurance training through training plan integration with TrainingPeaks™.
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Training in February

CXC Academy Training Period #10 Release

This is our last time to talk about a period as a whole prior to our target event.
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Training in December & January

CXC Academy Training Period #9 Release

Doing some shorter races to help us feel better skiing faster would be good.
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Training in November & December

CXC Academy Training Period #8 Release

At this point we cannot expect this season to be much like any other we have had in the past.
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Training in October & November

CXC Academy Training Period #7 Release

At this point we cannot expect this season to be much like any other we have had in the past.
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CXC Academy Training Period #6 Release

Now is the time in the training year when overall training volume should decrease, while training intensity increases.
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Training in September & October

CXC Academy Training Period #5 Release

This is the time we continue doing the hard work that will lead to better performances in the winter.
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Training in August & September

CXC Academy Training Period #4 Release

At this time of the year we’re doing more intensity work that’s becoming more and more ski-specific.
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Training in July & August

CXC Academy Training Period #3 Release

We are now switching over from our foundational base period to building on that foundation.
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Training in June & July

CXC Academy Training Period #2 Release

Now is the time to build your aerobic base. Don’t be afraid to go on long bike-rides, roller ski sessions, runs and hikes between 2-3+ hours.
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Training in May & June

CXC Academy Training Period #1 Release

Welcome to the 2020-2021 training year. In the cross country ski world, we like to start the year with the week that contains May 1.
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Training in April & May

2020-2021 Ski Season Guest Coaches & Advisors

Get Support

We’re happy to brainstorm with you, and ask the professionals we work with to find something that works for you. Send us your questions.