CXC Academy

How Training Works

CXC Academy is a membership-based program. As a subscribing member you will have access to training plans and videos CXC Academy publishes monthly.

You can decide on three different training plans, based on annual hours of training. The plans are written to be a blueprint and a guide for your training. Many weeks can be done as scheduled or adjusted depending on your weekly schedule.

The 12-month training year is broken into 13 training periods of 28 days each. At the start of each training period a fresh plan for the next four weeks is laid out. Receive detailed workouts with instructions for implementation for every week of the month. All plans will help to keep you on track: L1 to L5 workouts, intensity days, over distance days, strengths days. You will learn a wide range of tips and tricks on how to enhance your training. Depending on the plan, expect to commit to at least 3-6 training sessions per week to ensure the programs’ goals are met.

If you are joining CXC Academy in the middle of the year, we strongly suggest starting with Training Period 1 - which runs throughout April and May, - and follow it for two weeks before transitioning to the current Training Period you are in.

In addition to training plans, CXC Academy offers monthly ski-specific strength workout videos and has an extensive video library with ski technique videos, training and recovery tips, equipment demonstrations and wax room videos. There are new video offerings published each month.


CXC Academy training plans can be delivered through TrainingPeaks™. Available to access on iPhone, Android or the web, the service will allow the following uses:

- Log your training on the web, iOS, or Android
- Upload workouts from devices
- View workouts and fitness summaries
- Track exercise history and metrics
- Get daily workouts via e-mail

CXC Academy training plans are available to current monthly or annual plan members through TrainingPeaks' free Basic Athlete Edition account, which includes all the necessary features for tracking your training. "Premium" account upgrades can be done at any time to utilize the software's full capacity of analysis and planning tools.

Personalized Training Options

The newest CXC Academy membership enhancement is the Personal Coaching option. Through CXC’s Personal Coaching membership, skiers have access to in-person training evaluation and adjustment, a personalized training plan, and email and phone communication with a coach.

Not quite ready to dive in but looking for ways to improve?

Consider a VO2 Max Test to calculate heart rate training zones or a one-on-one technique lesson on a full-size rollerski treadmill or outdoors.